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My personal philosophy would be to use the computer in a way that harnesses its vivid colours, its light, layering and infinite space and make it physical.  To make work that could only be made now not to imitate what has gone before.

Occasionally, meaning in a work unfolds.  Catch came from something a wise woman once said to me.  "Sometimes, you have to let the ball drop." 
As the work progressed, came the idea of chaos beneath, being pulled in many directions and over that, another ball falling, .  However, this kind of direct translation is rare in my work.

    88cm x 82cm
Pigment in acrylic polymer layers  -  On canvas

Close-up of Catch

G.Blue River
100cm X 85cm
Pigment in acrylic polymer layers  -  On canvas

In my work, I endeavour to take something of the lit screen (computer monitor, cinema screen, television) and paint with it. 
I want to take the image, saturated with light and give it physicality and texture.

Close-up of Catch